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  • ORICO launched a headphone holder with USB PD charging

    As a global top digital accessories brand, which is integrated with R&D, production, sales and technical service, ORICO has great influence in the field of storage and expansion at home and abroad. In recent days, ORICO has released a headphone holder, which is not just a headphone holder, but also with extended and PD charging function.

    Making dedicated devices responsible for specialized purposes is a way to improve the quality of life, but it is inevitable that there will be a wide variety of electronic devices and accessories on our table. For example, the headphone not only takes up desktop space, but also easily gathers dust, so many people will choose to buy a headphone bracket. However, the earphone bracket is varied, its material can be cheap plastic, popular solid wood or fashionable metal and so on, which is not only practical, but also can adorn the decoration of the whole household.

    This earphone bracket gives us a sense of the Nordic minimalist. The whole is made of alloy + plastic, and the metal part adopts anodic oxidation process, when the plastic part adopts electroplating process.

    There is an antiskid rubber ring at the bottom of the bracket, which makes it more stable.

    There are two USB Type-A and Type-C interfaces on the base of the bracket, the rate is as same as USB3.0, and support Type-C PD reverse power supply. As well as two 3.5mm audio interfaces, which can be used to connect the headset. In this way, it can be used not only to place the headset, but also to charge the wireless headset or connect the 3.5mm audio interface, easy to use.

    In a word, this product will bring you a neat desktop, and has already been put on the market.

  • ORICO dual-bay USB3.0 offline hard drive duplicator dock

    Copying hard drive to backup data is time-consuming and takes up a lot of PC resources. It is inconvenient to dismount hard drives in the desktop, and 3.5 inch hard drive is also not suitable for laptop. Recently, ORICO has launched a new product 5628US3-C dual-bay USB3.0 offline hard drive duplicator dock.

    It supports offline clone, meaning copy the data of one disk to the other one without connecting to PC, saving a lot of time.

    5628US3-C is also designed for fanciers and game players, which is compatible with 2.5/3.5 inch SATA HDD/SSD. It adopts SATA3.0 controller chip, supports 6Gbps high-speed transmission and UASP acceleration protocol.


    Adopts SATA3.0 controller chip, supports 6Gbps high-speed and UASP protocol;

    USB3.0 Type-B output port, supports 5Gbps high-speed transmission, and backward compatible with USB2.0/1.1;

    Supports one-touch offline clone function, suitable for SSD/HDD clone and backup;

    Built-in 7mm speed control cooling fan, strong wind cooling, protects drives;

    Compatible with 2.5 inch/3.5 inch SATA HDD/SSD;

    Supports up to 10TB capacity single disk, 20TB max;

    Enclosed with an external 12V4A power adapter;

    Hot-swappable, plug and play;

    Designed with LED indicator to monitor the working status;

    Applicable to Windows/Mac/Linux systems;

    Applicable to Windows/Mac/Linux systems;

  • ORICO WS series honeycomb hard drive enclosure

    Recently, ORICO launched WS series 3.5 inch honeycomb hard drive enclosure, which is designed for backup and capacity expansion of multiple disks. WS series are made of aluminum alloy material, Raid versions, no RAID version and dual, four, or five bay versions for you to choose.

    Aluminum alloy material and honeycomb cooling holes ensure better heat-dissipation. The four bay and five bay versions are also equipped with cooling fans on the bottom, make good performance. The Raid version supports Raid 0/1/5 and more modes to backup or increase speed. It can be used to backup for laptop and tablet, enlarge capacity for desktop and all-in-one machine, and build private cloud storage.

    WS series adopt SATA3.0 6Gbps controller chip, UASP acceleration which can increase the speed by 20%, and feature 5Gbps speed, 10TB capacity per disk, two interface versions, and wide compatibility.


    ORICO WS200U3 dual bay 3.5 inch USB3.0 Type-B HDD eclosure;

    ORICO WS200C3 dual bay 3.5 inch Type-C HDD enclosure;

    ORICO WS200RU3 dual bay 3.5 inch USB 3.0 Type-B HDD enclosure with RAID;

    ORICO WS200RC3 dual bay 3.5 inch Type-C HDD enclosure with RAID;

    ORICO WS400U3 four bay 3.5 inch USB 3.0 Type-B HDD enclosure;

    ORICO WS400C3 four bay 3.5 inch Type-C HDD enclosure;

    ORICO WS400RU3 four bay 3.5 inch USB 3.0 Type-B HDD enclosure with RAID

    ORICO WS400RC3 four bay 3.5 inch Type-C HDD enclosure with RAID;

    ORICO WS500U3 five bay 3.5 inch USB 3.0 Type-B HDD enclosure;

    ORICO WS500C3 five bay 3.5 inch Type-C HDD enclosure;

    ORICO WS500RU3 five bay 3.5 inch USB 3.0 Type-B HDD enclosure with RAID;

    ORICO WS500RC3 five bay 3.5 inch Type-C HDD enclosure with RAID


  • A new product hits the shelves: ORICO assemble HDD enclosure

    Today, ORICO has launched DY series DIY assemble hard drive enclosure, which adopts aluminum alloy material, hollow design, supports single, dual and four bays. Up to 10Gbps transmission speed, brings you a fast transmission experience.

    It is made of aluminum alloy material, features convection cooling, laminated structure design, and multiple innovative elements. Fine craftsmanship and process, together with internal silicone shockproof technology enable better protection for your data. Select high-speed master control chip from VIA, ASMedia and more, equip the single disk version with 10Gbps speed and make transmission faster. Support 2.5 inch or 3.5 inch SATA HDD/SSD, plug and play, smart sleep function. It is compatible with Windows/Mac/Linux systems.

    Modes: DY251U3, DY251C3: single bay 2.5inch hard drive enclosure, Micro USB 3.0(Type-B), Type-C(USB3.1 Gen2)interface, support 5Gbps, 10Gbps transmission; DY252U3, DY252C3: dual bay 2.5inch hard drive enclosure, Micro USB 3.0 (Type-B), Type-C(USB3.1 Gen1)interface, support 5Gbps transmission; DY254U3, DY254C3: four bay 2.5inch hard drive enclosure, Micro USB 3.0(Type-B), Type-C(USB3.1 Gen1)interface, support 5Gbpstransmission; DY351U3, DY351C3: single bay 3.5inch hard drive enclosure, Micro USB 3.0(Type-B), Type-C(USB3.1 Gen2)interface, support 5Gbps, 10Gbps transmission; DY352U3, DY352C3: dual bay 3.5inch hard drive enclosure, Micro USB 3.0 (Type-B), Type-C(USB3.1 Gen1)interface, support 5Gbps transmission.

  • The Next-Gen extension: ORICO launches USB3.1 Gen2 full-feat

    A few months ago, ORICO officials reported a news about the global first USB3.1 Gen2 full-featured HUB, its theoretical transmission rate has reached up to 10Gbps, which is twice as fast as USB3.0 (USB3.1 Gen1). Now, this new product is finally coming out.

    It can be seen as an added upgrade version of the ORICO classic HUB series. Be made of aluminum alloy and anodic oxidation process treatment, the whole model keeps the classic style. Moreover, with humanized 32° tilt design and detachable cable design, it is easy to plug and carry. The difference is that the color is changed from the classic silver to a more personalized dark gray + orange.

    In performance, a USB interface can extend to four USB3.1 interfaces, and achieve the theoretical transmission rate of 10Gbps of USB3.1 Gen2, which is twice as fast as USB3.0 (USB3.1 Gen1). As for why it can be so fast, this is due to the adoption of VL820, the world's first USB3.1 Gen2 Hub control chip with USB-IF official organization authentication. The chip supports the high-speed USB devices of 10Gbps and with wide compatibility, it supports Windows, Linux, Mac OS and the other mainstream operating systems. The new product, M3H4-G2, will be launched soon, and can be purchased on Tmall, Jingdong, Amazon and other platforms. More 10Gbps(USB3.1 Gen2)HUB is being developed and will be subsequently listed.

  • ORICO cooperates with CQC lab to create a new future of qual

    The afternoon of November 2, 2017, CQC lab and ORICO leading technology held the unveiling ceremony in ORICO industrial park, which marks a strategic partnership between ORICO and the CQC lab. ORICO will continue to manage quality control and provide consumers with higher quality products. CQC lab director Hu Xiaohong, Zhou Yingjin, engineer Xiang Yu, ORICO deputy general manager Ding Xianlin, Li Pingyi attended the opening ceremony.

    ORICO deputy general manager Ding Xianlin warmly welcomed and addressed the opening ceremony. He said, since the establishment of the company, the quality of the product has always been the top priority, and cooperating with the CQC laboratory not only represents the CQC laboratory's approval of ORICO, but also helps us to create a better quality control system, improve the quality of the whole product, recognized and respected by the whole industry! CQC lab director Hu Xiaohong, Zhou Yingjin delivered a warm speech at the opening ceremony. They said, ORICO's product quality has been in a leading position in the industry, which has laid a solid foundation for cooperation with the CQC lab. The CQC laboratory promises to provide the largest support and service to ORICO, and to accompany ORICO goes farther and farther on the road of globalization!

    It is reported that the CQC laboratory is the National Compulsory Product Certification Center designated by the China National Certification and Accreditation Administration, the Product Quality Supervision Center authorized by the State General Administration of Quality Supervision Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ), Quality Supervision and Inspection Center of Power Tool Products authorized by China Machinery Industry Federation, CB testing laboratory accredited by IEC and China Quality Certification Center entrusted Laboratory.

    After the opening ceremony, director Hu, director Zhou, engineer Xiang, general manager Ding, and manager Li visited and supervised the factory, then held a meeting to strengthen the deep communication between the CQC laboratory and ORICO. ORICO is committed to prove Chinese manufacturing, and hoped that under the full support and careful guidance of CQC lab, the company can improve the quality awareness, quality training, quality testing and quality management. ORICO will continue to give top priority to product quality, adhere to the first-class quality control, to provide high-quality products for consumers, promote the beauty of Chinese manufacturing!

  • ORICO products swept over Hong Kong Electronics Fair

    October 13-16, 2017, the Hongkong autumn electronics exhibition sponsored by the Hongkong TDC, was launched at the Hongkong Convention and Exhibition Centre in Wan Chai. As the world's largest electronic products trading platform, the exhibition attracted more than 4300 exhibitors and users from all over the world. As the global USB data transmission and USB charging technology leading brand, ORICO made the whole series of innovative classic products debut.

    In this exhibition, the ORICO two USB data transmission and charging technology products won the praise of visitors. USB data transmission products took storage as a pioneer, the transparent series, NS magnetic series and many other products were also on display. What's more, USB expansion and Type-C dock products were also favored by a large number of customers. In the USB charging technology products, ORICO bus, intelligent charger and global multi specification USB surge protector had also received a large number of exhibitors' attention and experience.

    In addition to mobile storage, charger, socket, docking station and many other charging and storage series accessories, ORICO also brought the mobile MagiBox to the exhibition, which just perfect ending in Jingdong crowd-funding, the product set mobile hard disk, portable battery, cloud disk and router in one, those functions are so powerful that the products had impressed a lot of people.

    The exhibition ended perfectly in October 16th, ORICO had received partnership invitations from all over the world. In the future, ORICO will also maintain the initial heart and provide better services and more innovative products to global users and partners, together to build blocks of "wisdom-in-China" and justify the concept of "made-in-China"!

  • ORICO marches the Middle East market Shines brilliantly in Dubai Gitex Exhibition

    October 8, local time in Dubai, the top in the Middle East, the world's top three communications technology and consumer electronics show GITEX grandly opened in Dubai, which lasted for five days. The global USB technology leading brand ORICO brought many new products to the exhibition, attracted a large number of international exhibitors and achieved a complete success.

    Dubai, the largest trading port in the Middle East, has a huge market. ORICO had already moved some of its products into Dubai, and this time, ORICO team had been more aggressive, to seek strong partners in the Middle East and prepare for ORICO's full march in the Middle East. ORICO also planned to set up a localized customer service center in Dubai in the near future, to provide more and better support and services for users.

    At this exhibition, ORICO charging products shined brilliantly on the spot again, the high-quality workmanship, original design, creative appearance and user experience received the acclaim of the visitors. Among them, ORICO charging bus and surge protector became the focus of attention, got a lot of praise from visitors!

    This time, ORICO had received partnership invitations from hundreds of companies from Middle East, Europe, South America, Africa, Southeast Asia and other 20 countries and regions. In the future, ORICO will continue to deepen cooperation with the Middle East partners, provide leading USB technology products and services for the Middle East users, and try to become the leading brand of local USB data transmission and charging technology, spread the beauty of "wisdom-in-China" and justify the concept of "made-in-China"!

  • ORICO landed the 2017 UAE International Consumer Electronics

    September 24th to 27th, the 2017 UAE International Consumer Electronics Show opened grandly in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates. The iceea UAE International Consumer Electronics Show is the only professional consumer electronics show in the country, and there are more than 200 exhibitors participating in this exhibition. ORICO landed the exhibition with new series of USB charging and data transmission products and won great acclaim from the exhibitors, the scene was extremely hot.

    UAE is the largest consumer electronics import market in the Middle East, consumers in the UAE market have high requirements for product intelligence and new technologies, so only creative and distinctive cutting-edge products can be accepted by the UAE users. This time, ORICO USB charging products, including USB smart charger, USB smart surge protector, USB charging data cable and other charging products won the acclaim of the audience at the scene because of its creative design and fine workmanship.

    ORICO USB charging devices in the corner of the exhibition area

    During the exhibition, the ORICO booth attracted members from the Chinese Embassy in the United Arab Emirates, accompanied by the staff, the embassy secretary Lei Lei personally learned the creativity and technology of ORICO products and highly appreciated them. Secretary Lei encouraged ORICO staff to continue to carry forward the spirit of excellence and exert their creativity, to provide more and more high-quality products for the world, and continue to carry forward the national brand!

    Secretary of the Chinese embassy in UAE Lei lei (center) has a friendly photo with ORICO staff

    ORICO dedicated to USB data transmission and charging technology, after 8 years of precipitation, supported by world-leading technology, owned independent and advanced supply chain system, as well as R&D, manufacturing, production, operation, warehousing and other complete industrial chain services, to provide users with first-class products and quality services. The iceea UAE international consumer electronics show achieved a complete success, and it laid a solid foundation for ORICO's entry into the Middle East market, ORICO will also continue to develop and manufacture more innovative and intelligent products to our domestic and overseas users, and truly make science and technology innovation change our lives.

  • More than a million first day, why is Magibox so popular?

    Mention cloud disk service, everyone is familiar with. earlier in the year, baidu, jinshan, 360 and other major brands all rushed to offer the cloud service, however, many of the ensuing problems involved personal privacy and data security had led to the closure of cloud disk. For this reason, the global brand ORICO has held a crowd-funding program in Jingdong to launch a personal private cloud called Mobile Magibox in September 5th, which has entertainment sharing, one-key backup, wireless routing, portable battery and many other functions, and can be said to be a new center of the digital world.

    In the early stage of ORICO Magibox preheating, it had attracted the attention of a large number of players in the market, after launching, it was followed by a frenzy of followers. The first day of crowdfunding achieved 200% goals, and the amount exceeded one million, won an enthusiastic response of the market.

    The main reason for such a market response is that the product itself has many technical breakthroughs: for the first time, the USB3.1 Type-C interface is used on the WiFi hard disk, which is perfectly compatible with the Lightning3 interface; the built-in 8000mAh large capacity polymer power can realize internal and external simultaneous power supply; the product takes the lead in using Seagate's new 7mm hard disk as storage medium; with five-side alloy surface heat dissipation and maintains stable WiFi signal; the digital companion function of SD card offline backup, etc.